Saturday, 26 November 2011

Doctor Who In Next Weeks Radio Times 03-12-2011 Scan

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Here is the cover for next weeks Radio Times, they are all published early for the rest of the year! This edition covers the Doctor Who Christmas episode, called The Doctor The Widow and the Wardrobe. It is in the shops from today (so I'm going out to look for it soon).

The rest of the year and beyond;
3–9 December 2011 (week 49) - on sale from Saturday 26th November.
10–16 December 2011 (week 50) - on sale from Thursday 1st December.
Christmas Double, 17–30 December 2011 (weeks 51–52) - on sale from Saturday 3rd December (nationwide by Wednesday 7th December).
31 December 2011–6 January 2012 (week 1) - on sale from Friday 23rd December 2011.

Note FROM date doesn't mean your newsagent will have it on that day :(

and all back to normal with...
7–13 January 2012 (week 2) - on sale Tuesday 3 January 2012.


Heather Abbott said...

thanks for these they are beautiful i just hate that in the US to even buy the mags we have to go to like barnes n noble, we need like a US whovian mag or a version available over here, it is catchn on quick here!

com bom said...

no shop here has this mag yet, i doubt they will tomorrow either (but ill check)

com bom said...

sunday, none today, will try tomorro

com bom said...

monday, still nothing, at least it WILL be tomorro :)