Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Doctor Who Merchandise: Doctor Who Fish Tank

The BBC shop have teamed up with a major pet shop dealer, Pets at Home, to create something hardly anyone of us saw coming...a TARDIS Fish tank!

This set contains:

*15 Litre glass aquarium with full colour vortex background
*Tardis resin ornament
*Decorative gravel
*Fun stickers
*CE Filter

Please note: This tank is licensed by the BBC and sold by a major pet retailer, however, we do not know the suitability of this tank to keep certain types of fish in so we therefore advise that you take independent advice as to what may or may not be suitable.

Thanks to The Doctor Who Site.


Oshayr De Zwirek said...

Cold fresh water non-jumping fish only. (as it doesn't have a lid) which narrows the selection down, for people starting with this as their first fish tank, 2 goldfish max. 

fluttermoth said...

Goldfish need a tank that as is at least ten gallons, Oshayr. You could keep ONE male siamese fighter, or some shrimps in it :)

Farsighted said...

I think the siamese fighting fish sounds like a good choice!

I think they should have put a fake fish in it.. I have one that when you push a button it swims around for 5 minutes.