Tuesday, 20 December 2011

15 More Things About Doctor Who The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe

This time from SFX;

- The pre-titles sequence may just be the most audacious cliffhanger in Doctor Who history.
- If I knew what the laws of physics were I could confidently say that it leaves them broken, sobbing and crying for Mummy Physics.
- Listen out for references to no less than two Peter Davison era stories: one a direct wink to the fans, one possibly unintentional.
- There’s also a call-out to Christopher Eccleston tale “The End Of The World”.
- What is it with this incarnation of the Doctor and taps?
- If the Doctor ever gives you a present, it will probably take the form of a blue box. Well, naturally. Do not open it before Christmas.
- Time Lord wisdom #1: Panthers are terrifying.
- Time Lord wisdom #2: There’s no such thing as foretelling.
- Time Lord wisdom #3: Doors are irresistible.
- It’s considerably more linear than last year’s Christmas special.
- It’s directed with style, filled with a fine sense of period atmosphere (think People’s Friend covers) and studded with memorable visuals: some moments feel folkloric, others trade in the kind of juicy juxtaposition that Doctor Who’s always been so brilliant at, colliding two realities together.
- Cake mix: Enid Blyton, with a pinch of Douglas Adams, a sprig of Star Wars and perhaps a buried sixpence in the form of Jason And The Argonauts.
- It lines up alongside The Green Death as one of Doctor Who’s more ecologically-minded stories.
- You may even feel a pang of conscience as you look at your Christmas tree. Now that’s subversive, Mr Moffat.
- Matt Smith delivers a smile that will smash your heart to pieces.


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