Thursday, 15 December 2011

Amy and Rory to leave Doctor Who During Series 7 *Confirmed*

During the press screening of Doctor Who: The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe, Writer Steven Moffat confirmed that Amy and Rory will leave sometime during series 7.

It was confirmed in DWM (Doctor Who Magazine) back in August that the Doctor would get a new companion sometime in Series 7. But it is now official.

Things that came out of the Press screening also include:

  • River Song might make a return.
  • Amy and Rory will leave BEFORE the series 7 finishes.
  • Series 7 will have no two part episodes.
  • The new companion has not been decided as of yet.

This post will be updated tomorrow when we will apparently receive more news on the matter.


Iamthescientist said...

I think Amy and Rory have been the greatest companions for ages, can't wait for series 7 though. No two parters sounds interesting, perhaps theres a good reason for it? Though if there isn't then I'll be a bit annoyed, one of my favourite things about Doctor Who is speculating about how the cliffhanger is resolved. Good in away though, I was bored to death by The Rebel Flesh to be honest, I hated that it was a two parter.

com bom said...

i find rory a dullard TBH, and river is streets ahead of amy, who has only been average IMHO, im hoping for someone better this time, they seem to have gone down well with the kids though, emma, who is 5 likes amy, and thinks river is her mum :)

thesnappysneezer said...

No 2 parters? Maybe there will be 3 or four parters or a 14 parter.

Hamish Finlay said...

I'm hoping for two three parters then.

globutl said...

I thought the trio of Matt, Karen and Arthur were brilliant. Great chemistry between them. I'm very sorry to see Karen and Arthur are leaving but that's the thing about the show, companions always leaving.

BlueDalek said...

Moffat said in DWM that he realised that two=parters don't make the series any cheaper. Since viewing figures and AI always go down, what's the point? Apparently he liked seeing 'LET'S KILL HITLER' come up on screen and went, 'let's do that every week!' So unless there is a MASSIVE story, they're not goingto have two-parters. However, this is all subject to change.

thesnappysneezer said...

No 2 parters? Maybe there will be 3 or four parters or a 14 parter.