Saturday, 31 December 2011

David Tennant and Georgia Moffett to get Married tonight!

It has been publically announced that David Tennant is to Marry Georgia Moffett tonight, 31st December 2011 (almost 2 years after his final episode). Georgia is the real life daughter of the actor Peter Davidson, who is know for his role as the 5th doctor.

It is said that the wedding will be small and only family and close friends (It is believed that Catherine Tate has been invited and to be attending).

If your wanting to catch the two in action during an episode of Doctor Who, it is being shown on the channel WATCH between 12:30-1:30 (and an hour later on WATCH+1).



Anonymous said...

Congratulations to a loveley couple to David and Georgia

globutl said...

LOL. The Daily Mail. Hopefully they got this news right. Their news stories on Doctor Who are always filled with errors.

Nikki Ward said...

Until this is officially posted by David Tennant himself or on his official website ... I don't believe anything the Daily Mail says. Let's be honest here - they can't even spell Peter's name right!! >.> EPIC Fail. 

com bom said...

but yes it did happen, they are married!

com bom said... - of course you may choose to ignore photos, but they did! Best wishes to them!