Saturday, 24 December 2011

Doctor Who Festive Fifty 03 Character Building TARDIS Console Room Review

As you may have spotted, we are now part of the's official reviewers group (check out the badge on the right - we will get more stars soon) and as such we will be reviewing a few products over the duration of the next few weeks in the run up to Christmas.

Although the following item can be purchased from the BBC online Shop, They didn't send it to us for us to review, I bought this out of my own money.

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Now, I apologies in advance for the length of this review but there is so much of this to review, so I better get on with it, eh.

Receiving it from Argos about 2 months ago, I was excited to open it and get started, but as soon as I opened the box, the challenge daunted upon me, (a 14 year old) to build a toy intended for ages 7 and over. For me myself it was a struggle, putting the pieces together was very tedious and if you put one onto another piece there was chances (on certain parts) that the whole thing would collapse. I would certainly advise an adult sets this up for the child because of the nature of how complex it is to build it.

It also comes with the following figures:

  • The Doctor (Series 6)
  • Amy Pond (Night Terrors)
  • Rory Williams (Cold Blood)
  • River Song (The Big Bang)

In total it took me 3 days to complete, which is alot longer than I expected it to take. I must say it might not look like it but it is worth all the money you spend on it! This has got me hooked on collecting these tiny things.

The figures can be bought in blind packs individually at the price of £1.99.

I'd personally rate this 8/10. Its unique, brilliant, and you can have alot of fun with it. You can buy it from the official BBC Shop by following this link.

You can view the whole album full of photos of this set by scrolling down on this page here.

If you get any money for Christmas i'd strongly suggest buying this, it can be bought cheaper from leading stockists like ASDA and Toys 'R' Us.


jamesgrayh said...

It took you 3 days to complete??? Sorry, but it took me 30 minutes on my own. :P

Good review, though! :)

Andy Davies said...

i have been contemplating buying this for ages, but its quite expensive which is a downer