Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Doctor Who The Pyramids of Mars Audio on BBC Radio 4 Extra

My radio downloader has started leaving these files on the hard drive, I wasn't aware they where on even, isn't automation wonderful :)

Tom Baker will be reading the novelisation of the Pyramids of Mars. The story has been broken into 6 parts. The Time Lord and Sarah Jane are in Victorian England to confront an ancient menace held captive in Egypt.

Part 1 Mon 26th Dec 6pm, repeated Tue 27th Dec midnight.
Part 2 Tue 27th Dec 6pm, repeated Wed 28th Dec midnight.
Part 3 Wed 28th Dec 6pm, repeated Thur 29th Dec midnight.
Part 4 Thur 29th Dec 6pm, repeated Fri 30th Dec midnight.
Part 5 Fri 30 Dec 6pm, repeated Sat 31st Dec midnight.
Part 6 Mon 2nd Jan 6pm, repeated Tues 3rd Jan midnight.


You can catch up with the repeat of episode 1 tonight, or on iplayer, or wait for the completed run and we will have a download link :)

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