Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Doctor The Widow & The Wardrobe Overnight Figures Reaction

Last years Doctor Who Christmas Episode drew more viewers than this years (2011 8.9million, 2010 10.3million) although all programs on TV had less viewers overall, here. If the Harvesters where replaced by the Yeti, would Doctor Who have more viewers? I believe so as a lot of clssic fans would tune in, and it wouldn't have involved a massive rewrite either!

Although I Really enjoyed this Christmases Doctor Who, I found the Harvesters to be quite poor, possibly the most pointless part of the story, and they could have been replaced by so many classic monsters with a quick rewrite, even though bringing back most monsters means paying the creator, I'm sure it could have been done!

Heres hoping next Christmas isn't down again, and the link between snow and a monster isn't that hard for Moffat to make!

Snow-Yeti - Obvious
Snow-Ice Warriors - Obvious
Snow-Harversters - Huh?


George The Lovebird said...

TDTWTW was clearly well written and looked lovely... but if I am honest, I just didn't care about the characters at all and I agree the harvesters where pointless. 
Why pay good money to Bailey and Weir when they were so underused? 

This was my least fave Christmas special and probably one of my least fave episodes since the shows return in 2005.

Then only part I did enjoy was seeing Amy and Rory at the end.

But I didn't cry (like I was told I would do) but I did inwardly weep in disappointmnet.We need some Classic monsters back.We also need story resolution that doesn't involve "Love". It was used far too many times in Series 6

Fezmeister said...

I completely agree. The only part I enjoyed was Amy and Rory's small scene at the end. The episode was very mediocre, mostly due to the erratic pacing. I've noticed Moffat has problems with that in a few of his scripts. :/

Jack Rear said...

Not sure I completely agree with this... I definitely agree about the harvesters being underused, let's hope that they return for a story which uses them better so we can see them again, because for the parts where they were in it, I thought they were really funny!
However, would bringing back a classic monster attract more viewers? I very much doubt it. If someone was a big enough fan of Doctor Who to watch it specifically to see the return of a classic monster, then why wouldn't they be watching it anyway?
I thought it was a great episode! The bit at the end with Reg and Madge's reunion gave me a lump in the throat and I always go by the notion that if something gives me a proper deep emotional impact like that then it must have done something right!

Ian Fleming said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the 2010 figure the final consolidated rating whilst the 2011 figure is only the unconsolidated overnight rating?

com bom said...

i hope the harvesters are never seen again, pointless and weak! just put in there so "celebrities" where in the show. next time i hope the money spent on them is used to improve a great episode even more!