Friday, 16 December 2011

Review: Doctor Who Encyclopedia

The next in our series of reviews is the Doctor Who Encyclopedia!

Put shortly, this book is incredibly comprehensive. It pretty much contains anything and everything ever in New Doctor Who. You can tell this instantly simply because it weighs half a ton.

Like I said. It's comprehensive. REALLY comprehensive. It contains details on 99% of the people, objects, plans, etc within NuWho. It even contains an entry on the guy pictures to the right! It is also completely up to date. All events up to The Wedding of River Song are covered. This includes all sketches (ie. Born Again & Space & Time), animations and Adventures Games (including the latest "Gunpowder Plot"). I haven't had a chance to read much of it in detail, but after reading the River Song entry (which is a fairly complicated thing) that it explained it well, including all the details. It also lists the actors who played the characters.
It doesn't quite contain everything. For example, For the River Thames entry, it mentions River Song's dancing on the Thames, but NOT the drowning of the entire Thames in The Runaway Bride (although it DOES mention this in the next entry of "Thames Flood Barrier"). It also doesn't contain ANYTHING from the spinoffs. Nothing from Torchwood, which could be blamed on it being Adult, but also nothing from Sarah Jane Adventures. This is despite all the cross overs. For example, you look at Sarah Jane's entry and it has NO mention of SJA at all. Same with Luke Smith's entry.

It's great if you want a quick reference. Sure it doesn't have everything, but it's great that it contains most things. It's incredibly handy if your at home but it would be a pain to lug around (possibly due to the hardback). Personally I would prefer to have TARDIS wiki on my phone, simply because if something isn't there, it can be edited with ease. (FYI, this isn't possible. You can only access it live). While the RRP price may be a tad high (at £25), you can get it from for £14 (that's cheaper than Amazon!) so if your looking for something for someone who wants to learn more about DW, this could well be it!

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garylapointe said...

They've now updated the app to include ALL The Doctors since 2005. Plus, they've added season seven part one all for the same price! That means all the episodes, people, places and objects since 2005!