Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sarah Jane Adventures Series 1-5 The Complete Boxset

The complete Sarah Jane Adventures Series 1-5 boxset

Release date: 6th Feburary 2012

RRP: £51.99

All two-part episodes from the first to fifth series of the ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off, created by the award-winning writer, Russell T. Davies. 13-year-old Maria Jackson (Yasmin Paige)’s life gets a lot more exciting when one of the Doctor’s most famous former companions, investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), moves in next door. Soon the young girl is coming face-to-face with all manner of alien life-forms, as she helps her new neighbour restore Earth’s cosmic balance.

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Fezmeister said...

The Amazon listing's description incorrectly states the Sky was left by the Doctor. D: Guess they only bothered to watch Part One of "Sky" and took Rani's assumption to be the Truth.

Tch. Amateurs.

Tom Buxton said...

Or the Doctor was related in some way to the Captain and his Shopkeeper...? You're probably right, though, I'd be surprised if 2Entertain were allowed to reveal this by a DVD back cover!

oncomingstorm92 said...

This description says that Sarah Jane moves in next door to Maria, when it is the other way around :P

Lucille7777 Lucille7777 said...

I'd probably buy this box set (hopefully it's resonably priced).