Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Six New Whoniverse Podcasts Today Doctor Who

6 today;

Krynoid Podcast 026: The Curse of Peladon
"Klokleda partha menin klatch,haroon haroon haroon,Klokleda sheenah tierra natch,haroon haroon haroon, Haroon haroon haroon..." What's all that about then? It's the Venusian lullaby from The Curse of Peladon of course. In the latest Krynoid Podcast, Jim and Martin take a look at this 1972 Pertwee 4-parter where the third Doctor gets a rare foray off Earth to help a mini-skirted King bring his world out of the dark ages, despite the best efforts of his troublesome High Priest.
Play it here - I think its too late though :)

Traveling the Vortex Episode 51 – Cook! Where’s My Hossenfeffer Key?
This week, we finish up Series Four with the fan extravaganza that is The Stolen Earth, and Journey’s End. We bid a sad goodbye to Donna’s time with the Doctor. Also, we discuss the news about the departure of Amy and Rory.
Play it here - I think its too late though :)

Hoo on Who 47 - The Two Doctors
David and Marty sit down to discuss the recent news of discovered classic series Doctor Who, Christmas at the Hooies and the upcoming Gallifrey convention in Feb 2012.
Play it here - I think its too late though :)

The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast #92
The Curse of Fenric - This week Adam, Alicia, Ben, Rhys and Robert get all festive with the help of Isabella’s musical talents. We talk feedback and review The Curse of Fenric.
Play it here - I think its too late though :)

DWO WhoCast - #224 - Doctor Who Podcast
Dave and Tony talk to Dan Hall from 2Entertain about the wonderful news of the return of episodes of Galaxy Four and The Underwater Menace. Also we have a chat about Doctor Who Christmas toys and presents from times past....
Play it here - I think its too late though :)

Pharos Project 80: Keeping up with the Prydonians
This week, the Projecteers cast a critical eye on "The Keeper of Traken", as selected from Manilow's bag by Mr Steven Schapansky (www.radiofreeskaro.com, listen and buy stuff from the store because we're hoping to be put on commission). Also, Invisible Pete makes a welcome return, with a special Christmas message.
Play it here - I think its too late though :)

As always, thanx to the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.

WARNING Many podcasts are not suitable for children, some podcast makers think its clever to swear, or choose to make adult comments. As we are unable to test any before posting, please be warned that before children play them, they should be vetted by a responsible adult :)

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