Sunday, 25 December 2011

Steven Moffat on Doctor Who - The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe

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Jon Skocik said...

Stephen Moffat needs to learn the difference between "magical" and "nonsense." I have no problem with the show being charming and even carrying a hint of a fairy tale vibe, but he's getting carried away with it -- so much so that I'm starting to have trouble suspending my disbelief.

It's like he says "What's the most ridiculous thing I can throw in next?" and then tacks on a half-baked technobabble explanation only to interrupt that explanation with "It's a timey-wimey thing!" It's like he's winking at us and saying, "This is all nonsense."

The silliness that eventually undermined Tom Baker is starting to have a similar effect on Matt Smith -- much as I love his portrayal of the Doctor. The current staff could learn a thing or two from John Nathan Turner. They need to start grounding the show in reality -- or at least a version of reality that makes logical sense.

A healthy dose of actual, genuine science goes a long way to making good science fiction really work. And that's what Doctor Who is. Science Fiction. Not fantasy. The Doctor may remind us of a Wizard, but he's not a wizard. He's a scientist. The sonic screwdriver is not a magic wand. It's a tool. The TARDIS may seem magical, but it's not. It's a machine built by an incredibly advanced race using science we don't yet understand. I'm starting to feel like Stephen Moffat has forgotten that.

We need a little less Harry Potter and a little more Star Trek.