Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Steven Moffat to Leave Doctor Who?

The Daily Mirror are claiming Steven Moffat is considering leaving Doctor Who.

Doctor Who boss Moffat has said he is so ­overworked he must quit his job or die of stress, he has previously said he only gets a few days off from work each year.

Moffat said “I never find any time to relax” and explained the pressure came from projects around Doctor Who, rather than writing the scripts, “All the stuff that surrounds it can be relentless. I haven’t got a plan but I am definitely going to be handing it to someone else.”

Series 7 seems to be safe, but will we see Mofatt leaving Doctor Who when Matt Smith does?



Grant McLanaghan said...

Breaking News!! Steven Moffat WILL leave Dr Who sometime in the future. Matt Smith will leave too. The actor who plays the 12th Doctor will leave, at some point. Moffat's replacement will also leave. All of these quotes in the Mirror come from the current issue of DWM and there's no suggestion that Moffat's departure is imminent. A non-story.

George Codd said...

apparently it's already planned that when Steven leave's, Mark Gatiss is taking over.

Iamthescientist said...

Please say that isn't true, George.. His stories have been pretty terrible to be honest.

Darek Pilař said...

I think that Moffat would hated himself if he stoped! Iam not scared by Daily Mirror "news" 

com bom said...

the post title ends with "?" so its a question not a fact. the first paragraph has the word CLAIMS, so i suspect you can all work it out..

Grant McLanaghan 
thank you for stating the obvious! 
what dwm do or dont post isnt everything, moff will stay for the 50th anniversary im sure, who knows what happens then.

this is a daily mirror report, they arent renowned for getting things right about DW

and gattis isnt taking over :)

Iamthescientist said...

Never really believed that he'll be leaving any time soon, but hes confirmed on Twitter that the story is a load of bollocks.