Friday, 23 December 2011

Virgin Media TV Awards Needs Your Vote Doctor Who

Doctor Who and the Whoniverse can be voted for in the following sections;

TV Show Of The Year
Character Of The Year
Best Sci-fi/Fantasy
Best Baddy
Most Explosive TV Moment Of The Year
TV Channel Of The Year (BBC1)

Click here to vote.


Iamthescientist said...

Voted for Doctor Who related stuff in all of the ones I could. Grr Merlin is almost neck and neck with it.. I can't stand that program.  Not really fair that theres more options for Doctor Who in one category than anything else, that means the others have more of a chance of winning since the votes will be split from the DW fans..

com bom said...

merlin is so different fantasy instead of scifi, i really dont like the show either