Saturday, 21 January 2012

Big Chief Studios Press Release: Expansion Packs Announcement

This was emailed to us earlier today from Big Chief Studios:

There’s big news for fans of all things small, well 1:6 scale to be precise. We are proud to announce a range of Expansion Packs to compliment our 1:6 scale Collector figures. Designed for fans to either customise one of our figures that they have already purchased, or to build-up an additional version of a particular character.

Available exclusively at, both Accessory and Costume Expansion Packs will be sold separately. In addition we will also release our articulated bodies for collectors to purchase, so that they may create an entirely new version of a character.

As fans of 1:6 scale figures ourselves, we understand that collecting high-end figures, can be a costly hobby. In today’s economic climate we are all too aware how difficult it can be for collectors to be able to purchase each and every product in a range. As a business maximising on our investment is of course important to us, but we would rather spend our design budget developing a completely new character than simply releasing a slightly modified version of a character we have previously released.

There are so many costumes for each of the Doctors themselves, and we know that every fan has a particular favourite. However, it is simply not viable to bring each and every version to market. Together with an enormous cast of characters, aliens and monsters just waiting to be developed, we believe that the Expansion Packs will offer collectors a more affordable route to creating the figure that they want to display.
Starting with Expansion Packs for the Eleventh Doctor we have exciting plans for the range. The first Expansion Packs due for release later this year include:

“The Almost People” Costume Expansion Pack
1 x Tweed Jacket
1 x Blue Shirt
1 x Blue Bow Tie
1 x Pair of Boots (St. John’s Mining Facility)

“The Almost People” Accessory Expansion Pack
1 x Eleventh Doctor “Ganger” Portrait Head
1 x Sonic Screwdriver (Open)
1 x Torch
1 x Flesh Puddle with Face

“Closing Time” Costume Expansion Pack
1 x Green Three Quarter Length Overcoat
1 x Pair of Trousers with Blue Braces
1 x Pair of Boots

“Closing Time” Accessory Expansion Pack
1 x Eleventh Doctor Portrait with Stetson Hat
2 x Cybermats: 1 x Search Mode & 1 x Attack Mode
1 x Sonic Screwdriver (Closed)
1 x Toy Store Name Badge

Stay tuned for more details to follow soon. Oh and before you ask, the fez will make it into the range too. Fezes are cool!

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