Monday, 23 January 2012

Character Building Doctor Who Temporal Blast Combat Set Doctor Who

Time is fractured!…and now the Vortex is being invaded by the Doctor’s arch enemies the Daleks and the Cybermen! Using stolen Time technology, they could do untold damage to Time itself, so the Doctor with his companions by his side must venture into the Vortex to find and stop them. Each Enemy is protected by a bubble of Temporal shielding made up of four shields.

When all four shields are knocked down the enemy is thrown back out of the Vortex to their own time and space… But… The Doctor is also using the same technology and can also be knocked out of Time. Use Dalek and Cyberman weaponry to fire bolts of time energy at your opponents’ Temporal Shields to knock them down one by one.

When the Shields are gone the enemy is eliminated. Cyberman Blaster and Dalek Exterminator versions are available. Each pack includes one spring loaded blaster weapon, one micro-figure, and one Temporal Shield. 10 variations to collect. One supplied. Styles may vary. For ages 5 years and over.

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Villette Cottrell said...

Temporal blast means time travel right?

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