Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Doctor Who The Doctor The Witch & The Wardrobe Official Final Rating

Doctor Who, The Doctor, The Witch and The Wardrobe had a final official rating of 10.77 million viewers for Christmas day.

The official rating takes into account those who record the programme and watch it within 7 days, much more accurate than the initial overnight figure. It does not include those watching on iPlayer, where a further 700,000 accessed the episode within five days of transmission, which may have put Doctor Who into second place!

So the final ratings saw ITV1's Downton Abbey leap to the top of the list to claim the prize as the most watched programme of Christmas Day with 11.60 million watching. EastEnders was second with 11.33 million and Doctor Who came in third. It overtook ITV1's Coronation Street which was the 4th most watched programme of the day.

The top 5 Christmas day shows of 2011 are;
Downton Abbey - 11.60m (34.4%)
EastEnders - 11.33m (32.4%)
Doctor Who - 10.77m (37.3%)
Coronation Street - 10.51m (34.2%)
Absolutely Fabulous - 9.07m (28.5%)

Remember, iPlayer is not included, and would make some changes if it was!


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