Sunday, 29 January 2012

Doctor Who Repeats on BBC Three

Doctor Who is currently being repeated on BBC Three every Friday and Saturday, 2 episodes a week (starting from yesterday). The BBC Listings only cover until the end of the Series so it is currently unknown if they will repeat every episode up until Doctor Who starts (Skaro's fingers & toes are crossed) which with someones clever brain could work out an estimate for the date the series would start?

Anyone want to volunteer to work it out?

Tune in at 19:00 in the UK on BBC Three to see School Reunion followed by The Girl in the Fireplace next Friday.


Jason said...

I did some rough workings in my head. Nothing too accurate. There have been 70 episodes of Doctor Who since The Girl in the Fireplace - starting from next week thats 35 weeks of Doctor Who up until the 2011 Christmas special. 35 weeks = 245 days. 245 days from next week is October 7th. The nearest Saturday to that is October 6th - thats my prediction for the first episode of series 7, if the theory that the BBC3 repeats lead up to it is true.

com bom said...

i get the beginning of oct too, should we run a countdown?

Jason said...

Seems like a likely date, so yeah good idea.