Thursday, 19 January 2012

Five New Whoniverse Podcasts Today Doctor Who

5 today;

The Happiness Patrol Episode 80: Don't Forget The Cheese!
This week on The Happiness Patrol we have our first guest of the new year. Please put your hands together for the amazing Mr. Simon Fisher-Becker! (aka Dorium Maldovar, intergalactic black marketeer!)
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Two-minute Time Lord 252: So MANY Hands Made Doctor Who Work!
Star Trek and Doctor Who are polar opposites in many ways (see also Toby Hadoke's Trek takedown in Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf). But as I watched the documentary Trek Nation I was struck at the contrast between Gene Roddenberry's looming role over the franchise (even after his death!) and its much less personality-driven cousin across the Atlantic.
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Fast Return Switch 32: ‘Black Orchid’ Peter Davison
Double trouble abounds in this weeks FRS Podcast! Two Nyssa’s? I can’t tell you what I was thinking.
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Articles of the Shadow Proclamation 34 and a Third: Time Lord Fest, Tampa
In this quick podcast Scott talks to Ken Spivey about the upcoming Time Lord Fest in Tampa, FL. Scott (and his wife Debbie) will again be participating, so if you go, please stop by and say hello to them.
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The Doctor Who Podcast Episode #118 – reviews of Big Finish stories Robophobia, The Doomsday Quatrain and House of Blue Fire
Big Finish is again the subject of another exciting podcast from the DWP Towers this week as we delve into the latest McCoy threesome of releases from this most magnificent company.
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As always, thanx to the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.

WARNING Many podcasts are not suitable for children, some podcast makers think its clever to swear, or choose to make adult comments. As we are unable to test any before posting, please be warned that before small children play them, they may need to be vetted by an adult :)

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