Saturday, 7 January 2012

Free Premium Accounts for File Download Sites Here

Ever wanted to download something from Mediafire, Rapidshare, Filesonic, or dozens of other file download sites, but found you have to wait between files, or even you can't download it because its too big?

Well here is the solution, a blog that has codes for every download site, and its updated regually so if one dies, you go and get another! I have been using this for a while and can say its very reliable!

As with anything, if you asked for money, your credit card, or anything like that, your in the wrong place. Please think clearly and don't just leave a negative comment after one wrong click, even if you are an idiot, please don't behave like one - THIS REALLY DOES WORK AND IS VERY SIMPLE! Just click here.


njm19 said...

Great link..many thanks!

com bom said...

i was over the moon to find this, so i thought id share :)

pertwee3d said...

wow! this is brill!!

TJChan01 said...

and of course now its gone....fcuk