Thursday, 12 January 2012

Two New Whoniverse Podcasts Today Doctor Who

2 today;

DWO WhoCast 227 - Doctor Who Podcast
Join us as we delve back into the seventies and poke UNIT with a stick... Yes, it's the UNIT boxset - Invasion of the Dinosaurs and The Android Invasion. We also announce the winner of our theme tune competition.
Play it here.

Fast Return Switch 31: ‘Boomtown’ Christopher Eccleston
This week we discuss the perils of being a plasterer in Cardiff. And some other things. Probably.
Play it here.

As always, thanx to the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.

WARNING Many podcasts are not suitable for children, some podcast makers think its clever to swear, or choose to make adult comments. As we are unable to test any before posting, please be warned that before small children play them, they may need to be vetted by an adult :)

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