Monday, 27 February 2012

6 New Whoniverse Podcasts Today Doctor Who

6 today;

The Happiness Patrol Episode 80: Don't Forget The Cheese!
This week on The Happiness Patrol we have our first guest of the new year. Please put your hands together for the amazing Mr. Simon Fisher-Becker! (aka Dorium Maldovar, intergalactic black marketeer!)
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Doctor Who: The Bad Wilf Podcast Episode 57:Crime Of The Century
In which Martyn and Pete look at the Big Finish production, Crime Of The Century.
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Arrow of Time Doctor Troll
I decided that I wanted to entertain myself by looking up some funny Who pics. For some reason I was very much into the trolling theme especially tonight, so here’s some of what I found combined with a few other non troll possibly related material that cloistered my bells.
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The Happiness Patrol Episode 82: The Chickens of Astrid
"Once upon a time, not long ago, in a land full of magic lived a beautiful young lady who lived all alone, save for her five chickens."
Asleep yet? Wait for comes the good bit: "All alone save for her five chickens and: her big blue TARDIS"
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Doctor Who:The Pharos Project 88: Doctor Cock Block
Normal service will now resume. This week, we look at "Boom Town", the much derided Eccleston episode. Forgotten classic, or filler episode?
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Doctor Who: The Bad Wilf Podcast Laura Patch Interview Special
In which Martyn and Paul Interview actress and giraffe hiding expert Laura Patch
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As always, thanx to the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.

WARNING Many podcasts are not suitable for children, some podcast makers think its clever to swear, or choose to make adult comments. As we are unable to test any before posting, please be warned that before small children play them, they may need to be vetted by an adult :)

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