Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Classic Monster Revealed for Doctor Who Series 7

An article from SFX about the Doctor Who game “Worlds In Time” tells us the Zygons are in it!

Could this a hint they’re going to be returning to the show anytime soon?
Caroline Skinners reply is [Laughs] “Wait and see.”


The Zygons are a popular monster, are always rumoured to be coming back, but as they are in a new game, things certainly point in their direction :)


James Walker said...

i never thought they'd return to the show before the original is released on DVD, but... here we are.

Jason said...

I think the title should have a question mark on the end, bit misleading since nothing is official at the moment.

Connor said...

What about the ice warriors the producers said a monster from the 60s and 70s and the ice warriors are from both of those 2 time lines and there much more popular then the zygons!bring back the ice warriors