Sunday, 26 February 2012

Doctor Who Monopoly: 50th Anniversary Edition

This very special 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Monopoly features all your favourite heroes, villains, monsters, planets and places.

Travel through Time and Space with the Doctor and his companions, visit (and buy) the planets and places that he has visited or saved, and get some help from allies along the way! Comes with all-new Doctor Who playing tokens! Full line-up to be confirmed. Forbidden Planet have it for pre-order at £26.99.

The box cover may not be final :)



riftmaster said...

Your Joking!!!! I only just got the original Doctor Who Monopoly!!!!


Ian Fleming said...

Those flanking Daleks look bizarre. They seem to be a hybrid of the 60s ones and the Time War ones. Artistic lisence or is there something someone isn't telling us?

riftmaster said...

Indeed, the lenses are incorrect for any cannon dalek, the bin is pre-2005 and the cowl and eye are post-2005. Don't even get me started on the shoulder section... :)

riftmaster said...

Okay issue cleared up, sort of.

I have located the source of the daleks. It appears the BBC have stolen the image from a fellow PDF member

James Gilbert said...

As the owner of the art that was stolen, I'd just like to clarify that to the best of my knowledge, the BBC was in no way responsible  for parts of my work being used without my consent.

I am currently following this issue up with the manufacturers and have been in contact with the BBC about it.

On a lighter note, the Daleks are indeed a hybrid of Time War and Dead Planet Daleks. They were part of my project to virtually overhaul the original series props with New Series design elements.