Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Forthcoming Doctor Who Classic DVD Releases

- Patrick Troughtons son Michael has recorded a commentary on the life of his father to be included as a feature for The Ice Warriors DVD release.

- Nicholas Pegg reported on Twitter that he was "into the final furlong of the Shada DVD production subtitles" and "still unearthing previously unknown trivia bombshells!"

- The latest edition of Nothing at the End of the Lane reports that some 90 seconds of behind-the-scenes footage had been captured on 8mm film during the recording of Robot on location at Wood Norton Hall by an extra in the story, Roger Squires; the material may appear on a future DVD release.

- The recently found Galaxy 4 and The Underwater Menace episodes will not be on DVD in 2012.

And there is more info here.


gbollard said...

How are they filling the gaps in the Ice Warriors?

gbollard said...

(I guess the answer to that is ... read the linked article.... which says.... we don't know).