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Monday, 20 February 2012

Harry Potter Actor Mark Williams in Doctor Who Series 7


Doctor Who series 7 filming began today at 2am, and on set was Mark Williams known most for his role of Mr Arthur Weasley in Harry Potter.

At 4:44pm yesterday the Doctor Who filming crew where beginning to set up and prep for filming down Church Road, which is used as Amy and Rory's house.

However Several reports stated they started filming at 2am down a totally different street, and was due to finish at 9am, however they was behind schedule and finished more near 11am. (TBC)

Because of the nature of the location of the filming and the clothes Mark was reported to have been wearing on set, it is starting to become a very big rumor that Mark Williams will be playing Rory Williams's father.

Originally posted at 14:25 on 20/02/2012


Sander Famil said...

Well, I have to say if anyone looks the part of Rory's dad it's him.

Matt King said...

Is it not more likely that he's playing a future Rory? I know I don't wear the same clothes as MY dad.

Invisible River said...

I know I should be reallllyyy excited about this, but I'm just not. I've always kinda thought he'd be a great doctor.