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Life, Doctor Who and Combom Interview with Sophie Aldred

This is the interview I (Skaro) conducted with the wonderful Sophie Aldred at the MEMORABILIA Show in Birmingham in November, due to several issues with the video camera It is now in text form, but might be in video form in the future.

Anything in bold is my questions, anything not is Sophie's answers.

I'm sure you've been asked this many times but have you been asked to return for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who as of yet?
Not as of yet, I have a feeling that Steven Moffat is going to finish this series and probably then decide what to do with the 50th anniversary.

If asked though, would you return as Ace (for the 50th Anniversary)?
hmmm....let me think (grabs chin and looks up) Yeah...I would, it'd be great!

Since the relaunch of Doctor Who Character Options have been releasing action figures of characters from Doctor Who, do you know if they plan to release an Ace figure?
I hope so, it'd be could wouldn't it? Someone just reminded me that it is the 25th Anniversary of Ace next year (2012) so that's be a good time to release it.

They did release a Sylvester McCoy and Imperial Dalek figure during late 2010..
(cutting in) They should have released an Ace?
Well, many fans did suggest that..
(cutting in again) well - see you know more than I do. (laughs out loud).

Everyone has their favourite Doctor, what would you say yours is? And why?
Well it's very, very difficult to choose but I think often your favorite Doctor is the one you grew up with, which for me was Jon Pertwee and I loved him. But I also loved Tom Baker, but of course my Doctor is Sylvester McCoy. He's mine, mine (smiles).

You recently was in a BBC show with David Tennant, what was it like working with him?
Well yeah we're just finishing it actually (AKA November 2011) and its going to be transmitted next march, it's been fantastic, he's such a fantastic actor, incredibly professional, very funny, a really nice bloke so I'm just delighted to have had the opportunity to work with him.

People have said that David is always very welcoming on set, was this the same with you?
Yeah David was like that and it kinda carried on a tradition because Sylvester was like that, he would welcome everybody onto the show and make sure that everyone was very happy and errr... was a great actor on set.

Your character, Ace, seems to live on in books, Big Finish and other related media, when you originally took the role as Ace, did you expect to still be involved in it today?
Absolutely not! I mean its - I had no idea that I'd be here sitting here with you (Skaro) today, you weren't even born then! You weren't even thought of then! (laughs out loud) So it's just bizarre that something I did nearly 25 years ago, is still going now.

If you was asked to return for the 1996 special, because of it featuring Sylvester McCoy, would you have returned?
Yeah, I would have loved to have done it although I think the reason was that it was very difficult to introduce these characters - they was making it for a new audience of American fans and would have been very confusing to have had Ace and it'd have been quite difficult really. But it would have been great fun for me as an actress to have done.

During Remembrance of the Daleks audio commentary you talked about the 'No coloureds' scene in the house, was there any other opportunities or occasions where you wished you did something different that you actually did?
Yeah, I think that there was always moments, it was always going so fast, that bits had to be cut out but I'm so glad that bits like that wasn't cut out and was left in like the Cafe scene, so all those moments where very important, because it was a story about racism and was cleverly done between two Dalek fractions.

Would you say that you yourself are similar to the character of Ace, also - are there any differences?
That's a good question. Errr...I think that, well I'm allot older now obviously, and I was even then, I 24/15 and I was playing a 16 year old. But I was nothing like that as a 16 year old. Of course there was some similarities but Ace's background was very troubled but mine was a good, happy childhood but you know, you just use as an things as an actor. If I could have done one thing differently I would have probably done her accent more in line with sort of cockney - Perry vale accent. But 25 year ago it was unbelievable, on TV there wasn't that many people who used their proper accent so it wasn't thought clear enough, especially for the American viewers, so we had to speak posh.

You returned in 1993 for Dimensions in Time, if you was ever offered to come back for a 20 minute or so Charity special similar to that would you do it?
Ooh! I'd to anything yeah, one of the wonderful things is - A) playing a wonderful character who I really still love and B) getting together with people from the Show like Katy (Manning), Sarah (Sutton), Debbie (Watling) and it's so brilliant to still be able to talk about it, and there is some kinda bond as well, so yes - I'd still do anything for Doctor Who.

During your time on the show, the step up companion development got a lot higher and had a lot more active role, would you say Ace would be as popular as she is now if this didn't happen?
Erm...I think it was vital in the way that Ace was such a popular character was because of the development of the character and thought 'oh lets find out abit more about this character, lets put her in situations where for example the Doctor is manipulating with her and you also see another side to the Doctor which is more what happens now with David Tennants Doctor. I think it was vital thing to be done to go in depth so we found more out about Ace and also a testament to Sylvester as an actor because he'd let the companion has a bigger role that before.

Well thanks for agreeing to do this interview with us and we wish you luck in the future!

Same to you!

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