Friday, 30 March 2012

5 New Sneak Peek Pictures from the Doctor Who Series 7 Set!

Here are some sneaky pictures fresh from the set of Doctor Who where the Daleks are being wheeled before the cameras once again. But which design? The answer is ALL OF THEM!
Have fun!


This is what the official BBC Twitter is referring to here. These are, however, higher resolution than the ones on the BBC's site.


DJ Newton Rudd said...

Top pic is obviously the 'Bum Gun' that swings up and around from behind the New Paradigm Daleks... I wondered why they didn't make use of that already, if it's awesome it might have done a lot to win over people like me who hated the New Dalek Parody. 

Looks like we're also going to be seeing the Scientist, judging by the second pic's colours, but it looks like it's a prop under construction so I have to wonder if they're building a temporary prop to blow up or if in fact they're just repainting the grey Dalek seen briefly in 'The Wedding of River Song'. I had wondered which of the props they'd used for that episode, I figured it was probably the same one used for 'The Big Bang' Stone Dalek. 

It'll be great to see the 2005 model back, I think it's still the best we've had yet - hated the bronze colour but the Ironsides were fantastic. It's looking all dirtied up here and I believe that plunger (3rd pic) belongs to it, so it's a bashed up relic perhaps?

It'll be great to see a classic series Dalek (the last pic) in the new series, but I find myself wondering if they're going to make a couple of tiny cosmetic changes (specifically to the eye and slats) so the prop doesn't look cheap and tacky compared with the higher quality new series props.

In any case, this looks great - I've been saying for ages that what I really want from a Dalek story is one where Daleks from different eras get together  :)

Mattytron said...

I have`nt been following much, but what is this about the 'Bum Gun' I know there was an rumour that the back of the dalek held something but is there anything official on it?

riftmaster said...

look at the pictures again, i think you have assumed quite alot

Jack Bailey said...

The designer for Doctor Who had a website that had the concept designs for Series 5 on there and along with pictures of the Pandorica there were pictures of the New Daleks and the back panel opened up, a bigger gun folded up that could swing around. It was also mentioned on the Confidential for Victory of the Daleks

Anonymous said...

Just seen pix of evil version of Dalek with Matt and Karen. Looks like all factions of Daleks will be back