Wednesday, 28 March 2012

David Yates Doctor Who Movie for 2015/16

David Yates, who claimed he is directing a Doctor Who Movie despite Steven Moffat saying a movie is not in development, has told press that it is still in the pipline - and could begin in four years time.

Yates, who directed the last four 'Harry Potter' Movies, told an invited audience at a masterclass at the National Film & Television School the film would be made in "2015/6".

David Tennant recently told Digital Spy he has no objections to a Doctor Who movie being made as long as it is of good quality.

EDIT: Edward Russell, Brand Manager for Doctor Who, has said that a Doctor Who Movie will NOT be happening and Steven Moffat's words are final. 


Alyssa Harshfield said...

David Yates might want it, but if he went against Moffat's wishes and did it anyway, he'd be in huge legal trouble. Seriously dude, it won't happen, and even if it did, it probably wouldn't be you directing, so just stop.

mdear said...

Steven Moffat doesn't own Doctor Who. It's owned by the BBC and Yates is working with BBC Worldwide in developing the film along with Jane Tranter, the former BBC Drama Controller who was instrumental in bringing the show back in 2005.

If the BBC want to make a Doctor Who movie with David Yates directing then there's not a lot the Moffat can do about it, especially considering that he'll probably have left the series by the time the film enters production.

Andrew DiNanno said...

I'm glad the Brand Manager finally said that this movie is not actually happening. Someone from the BBC better call David Yates tell him to shut up and stop lying about a Doctor Who movie.

Mattytron said...

Seeing as fan support is behind Moffat and it would take a lot to convince Matt Smith to go against Moffat and others (Who pretty much control if Matt stays or goes)

Also tbh i wouldnt want a Doctor who film unless it had Moffat or another of the shows producers in charge.

mdear said...

Fan support is a fickle thing and pretty irrelevant really, if a film was reliant on fan support it would be a colossal box office flop.

I can also say with some confidence that Matt won't be playing The Doctor by the time that this film goes in to production, so there'll be no need to convince him to do anything because he won't be involved with it in any way.