Sunday, 25 March 2012

Doctor Who Official Series 7 trailer screen caps - Part 1

This photo is pretty self-explanatory - wide shot of the landscape from episode 3. 

A view of the sign stating where they are - episode 3. 

The gunslinger - possibly controlled by a Dalek? 

The stetson is back...and it means business! - episode 3

A stand-off at Midday - The doctor vs The Gunslinger - episode 3

The Doctor, Amy, Rory, Brian (Willams), unknown character and an Egyptian
- episode 2

The Doctor getting attacked by the Gunslinger during his stand off! - episode 3

An unknown man runs away, followed by an explosion - episode 3

Amy, the Doctor and a unknown man in white runs on show
- Episode 1/3 (unknown)

Rory, the Doctor and Brian Williams, his father running on a beach from something
- episode 2

Thoughts? See anything we missed then message us!


Robert Cyberman said...

Looks like that Star Trek crossover comic is becoming a reality in the show.  Looks suspiciously like a BORG!

Tom Johnston said...

It's even more funny when you consider the Borg in themselves are Cybermen rip offs.

Robert Cyberman said...

The unknown egyptian character could be River as Cleopatra, she has been her before as we know :)

P said...

Dear god, Skaro, are you as thick as you seem?

Tom Shersmith said...

Meaning what? What have I done? Nothing from what I can see.

pcjonathan said...

Going to back that up any time soon? *going to hit ban in a bit*