Sunday, 25 March 2012

Doctor Who Official Series 7 trailer screen caps - Part 2

The Doctor and a showgirl (I think its River) - episode 3

The Doctor with a gun... self explanatory - episode 3

Amy with a gun (accidentally fires it..twice!) - episode 3

The Doctor being thrown out - episode 3

"Has someone been peeking at my Christmas list..?" - episode 3

Cool futuristic yellow robots! - episode 2

The Doctor & Brian with the yellow robots - episode 2

Now...this is interesting...the Dalek is buried under the snow...
and its eye stalk extends to look out of the snow - episode 1/3 (unknown)

The Doctor does his 'Im not dead?!' face when looking up
- episode 1/3 (unknown)

The Dalek eyestalk stares at something...and its covered in snow!
 - episode 1/3 (unknown)


Doctorwhofan82 said...

It isn't extending out of the snow. It appears to be like a camera kind of thing, like the thing in planet of the dead.

Thomas Henry Fowler said...

Jason said...

Theres also what looks like a Dalek at 0:54.

Tom Shearsmith said...

I noticed this too, but im waiting till tomorrow for better quality.

Jason said...

 Yeah it is very hard to make out.