Sunday, 11 March 2012

Doctor Who Pre-production fan film - Skaro & RTTP Productions

Me and RTTP Productions are currently in the planning stages of a brand new fan film, which we plan to show a special trailer at a local Doctor Who convention in September. It is going to filmed in 1080p HD, last 20 minutes (approx) and air in December, filming will commence between April-July and editing will be done during August. We hope to get some previous Doctor Who actors to also voice certain roles heard throughout the episode.

We are looking for people involved in prosthetics work and also someone who is good with special effects that can possibly create things and effects on after effects. We would of course pay for the prosthetics and if you help with effects a mention at the end of the video with special dedication.

If you fit any of the categories please email me at

We can't reveal much about it at the moment however but more details will become available nearer the time.

NOTE: This is not associated with Life, Doctor Who & Combom.

I am also now part of a fan website,, so expect to see my on there too.


TheDeadlyAssassin said...

Skaro, please stop posting your own stuff nobody gives a damn about. There are tonnes of fan films on the internet, nothing makes yours anymore special! Don't share it on a blog which is for proper news. Stop abusing your position as a poster.. 

com bom said...

and everyone cares about what you say? as if! please continue skaro :)