Sunday, 25 March 2012

Doctor Who to Film in New York!

Yes, I realise this is New York Casino in Las Vegas, but onto the news!

According to multiple sources (and many sources at the convention) at the Doctor Who Convention Caroline Skinner, executive producer, revealed that filming would take place in New York for the fifth episode of the forthcoming seventh series.

And as we now know the fifth episode will be the one featuring the Weeping Angels and the last episode with the Ponds.


Fezmeister said...

It is true. It's been said at the convention as well.

Sander Famil said...

Fingers crossed for Canton? He could fit easily in a new american story.

Clayton Davison said...

"Others will also note that young Melody Pond ended up in New York City
in the latter half of the 20th century before her (assumed) regeneration
into Mel. Since the Angels send people back in time and feed on the
timelines they never lived, might Amy and Rory find themselves actually
raising their daughter?"

I kinda like this theroy

MrPacinoHead said...

 So the Statue of Liberty is a giant weeping angel then!

Brian Estrada said...

Now's my chance to seduce Karen.  :)