Friday, 23 March 2012

How much would it cost to rent a TARDIS for a year?

I just came across this funny, yet informative(I say informative very lightly), article on that was posted on the 3rd, but I didn't see it posted on here, so I did it!

Bottom line is to rent a TARDIS for a year, according to and, costs "£15,140,064 or $23,930,385 or 504,668,800 jelly babies."

But I highly recommend reading the article to see how they got that number, and it's a short and a interesting read.
Read it here(if you missed the above link)

So only $23,929,305 to go till I can rent a TARDIS for a year!.... This make take awhile....

Thanks to for the "informative" article!

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