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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Jenna Louise Coleman as the next Who Companion?

According to the Daily Mail, The Sun, Digital Spy and some other non-official sites. The next Doctor Who companion is Emmerdale star Jenna Louise Coleman. Sure she's not as pretty as Karen (Judging by the pic on the left) but that's a given!
We'll get to see her perform in ITVs new Titanic soon (so if this news is true, we may show you a clip at least to see what you think of her!).

Obviously this is pretty much in rumour status so take this with a pinch of salt atm! We'll check back soon to confirm or deny this for you!
See her IMDB page here.
Source (Not that it contains any more useful info)


Kathleen said...

Wow, someone's sexist.

emilie naudin said...

 @ Kathleen, that's just what I was thinking :-/ Not very cool to read that king of things here...

pcjonathan said...

Kathleen emilie naudin I don't see anything sexist here at all. Where's the sexist stuff?

All there is there is news, and a comparison between two females judging by one picture. Should I have included Arthur Darvill in comparing whether someone is prettier than someone else?

globutl said...

Right. Like women never discuss who's the better looking Doctor .

com bom said...

if your unhappy with views, to read the non sexist sun comic :)