Sunday, 4 March 2012

Listen to PCJ (Yep, That's me!) on the Doctor Who Podcast The Time Meddlers

Recently I (Team Combom's Site/Tech Admin) joined a podcast known as The Time Meddlers with Ian Redman and David Morgan.

Now quickly for those of you who can't remember moi, I provide videos and download/streaming links for the blog, often indirectly (as in I upload it and pass it to another member to post!), and Ie. stuff I upload here. I also post reviews of the things I get a hold of or sent or whatever (plenty on my To-Do list so much more to come!).

Anyway, the podcast contains 3 of us talking about a few things such as reviewing recently released products and the most important news articles. Of course, we also go onto other subjects and digress a lot.

Take a listen to it here, the blog or below:

Remember: This is a side-project of mine and not of Life, Doctor Who and Combom. I hope you enjoy it though :)


Wizzer10 said...

Nice advertising you've got there, totally not shameless.

com bom said...

*facepalm* yes its an advert, as are many blog posts, this is an advert for the podcast