Friday, 23 March 2012

Moffat Debunks Master Rumours

In an interview with Radio Times (Posted on the 20th), Steven Moffat, dismissed reports that Benedict Cumberbatch is to play The Master.

Steven Moffat spoke with them at the Royal Television Society awards, say that "People really do sit in rooms and make that stuff up...." That Doctor Who and Sherlock film at the same time and "...there’s only so much I can arrange."

But don't get you hopes down yet, he did not say that he didn't have plans for The Master to return!(Crosses fingers!) He then added "But who knows what could happen in the future...".

So pretty much no plans as of now for Benedict to play The Master, but maybe sometime later!

Thanks to Radio Times for the info. You can read more here.

Edit by Combom - But seeing as Moffat is a terrible liar, does it mean the Master is to return and is to be played by Benedict?

Edit by Kinkoman - I hope so... I hope so...

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