Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Steven Moffat Questions if Fans Would Want a Female Doctor

On Sunday at the Doctor Who Convention, Steven Moffat was asked by a fan when we’d finally get a female Doctor(Other then this lovely lady to the left *wink*). To which Steven pointed out it would be entirely possible. Now we all know that by now, but the next bit is the interesting part.

He then asked, by a show of hands how many would like to see that happen. According to BBC America’s Anglophenia, about 50% of the audience raised their hands. Steven then followed asking how many people "...would switch off the show if there was a female doctor..." and about 20%-30% raised their hands in response to that question. 

Meaning out of about half of the people in the audience who didn't want to see it happen, 20%-30% would be repulsed by a female Doctor and not watch the show. And that got me thinking (Which according to PCJonathan is never good...) how many of our readers would think the same, so I am going to do a poll:

They will be up for two weeks, and I'll post the results then!


severly snape said...

I'd love to see a female Doctor for a series or two. I don't think I'd want all the rest of the Doctors to be female, but one of the 12+ might be entertaining. It would also be a good move for Moffat, considering all the criticism against him regarding misogyny.

Walt Maguire said...

If they want to add a female Time Lord, fine, great, brilliant; but the character of the Doctor is male. This is why it wasn't so clever to kill off all the other Time Lords. I do hope Jenny returns.

Farsighted said...

Bring on Helen Mirren.

Robert Grimm said...

I think such a large change to such an important and well known character would be a mistake. Fortunately, it wouldn't last forever. The great thing about the show is it survives casting mistakes *cough*Colin Baker*cough* and goes on. The British have a saying that would apply in the event that The Doctor ever changed sex: Keep calm and carry on.

Ian Harrison Cook said...

 Any female Doctor would spend much of her time and energy adjusting to the fact that she's no longer physically male, and that would supply a season's worth of comedy. But as soon as danger shows its face, she'll get serious and start showing us that she's still the Doctor. No matter the face or the body, the oncoming storm will still be there.

After Matt Smith's swaggering, silly, Troughton-inspired interpretation of the Doctor, there needs to be a Doctor with distinguished poise and a sharp ferocity that would mirror the best of Jon Pertwee. If that Doctor happens to be female, then Helen Mirren would definitely be our lady.

Blueacre said...

 Agreed. This Time Lord is male. After so many many males, would be weird that just this time he becomes female. It would feel like a capitulation to modern gender politics to make such a radical change (as well as a pathetic attempt for cheap laughs).

I can't say it's impossible to do well. Ian's idea of a sharp ferocity - a female doctor who credibly exhibits "male" tendencies in the way that recent doctors have exhibited "female" tendencies could be compelling.

Ultimately, the last doctor should be male. I have a rather brilliant conclusion and explanation for the Doctor's human-centric existence. It feels more right if he is male (not that I've tried to float my idea anyplace).

Mattytron said...

Agreed. The Doctor has been established as Male by all his past regens. Although he states he can turn female in one of the episodes (Recent series) I dont think they should have a whole series of a female Doctor.

I wouldnt mind a couple of episodes however where the Doctor contracts a gene-altering virus causing him to become a woman.

As long as they didnt spend any time just focusing on looks or making it into jokes. Also if the Doctor is ever Female then they need to have the Female Doctor shown to be much better than the Male Doctor. I would love to see the change in stereotypical views if the Female Doctor can be made to be more popular than the male counterpart.

Anonymous said...

It would be possible to explain as river song gave the doctor all her remaining regenerations in let's kill hitler . It also means that he has 10 more regenerations left !