Friday, 16 March 2012

Weekly round up - Doctor Who Game releases

Doctor Who has had many game releases over the past 25 years, some of which are recollected on the list for you to look online more about and some even have links to buy these items.

Doctor Who the Adventure Games - PC & Mac
Cost: Free in the UK from official BBC Website.
Year of release: 2010-2011

Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors - PC
Cost: Originally £7.99 (now cheaper on eBay)
Year of release: 1997

Doctor Who: Return to Earth - Wii
Cost: (Currently) £8
Year of release: 2010

Buy it here for Under £10!

Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth - Nintendo DS
Price: (Currently) £10
Year of release: 2010

Buy it here for under £10!

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time
Price: Free (Worldwide)
Year of Release: 2012

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock - PS3
Price: Unknown
Year of release: 2012

More details about this one soon!

A review about all (expect the 1997 & PS3 Eternity clock) release will be issued sometime this week
or next week.

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Wizzer10 said...

Please be aware that Eternity Clock are for PC and PS Vita too and you missed: Dalek Attack, Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror, Doctor Who and the Warlord, Doctor Who: The First Adventure and Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time. Most of them are for ancient consoles such as the Speccy and BBC Micro so I'll let you off but I would have expected you to remember Mazes in Time for Apple iOS and Android devices.