Thursday, 29 March 2012

Whovian and Combom Reader Working on Doctor Who "Spin-Off"

Ohhhhh sexy!
Doctor What will be a show created by independent filmmaker, grad student at the University of Central Florida, and a Whovian, Alex Hluch.

The concept is that there are actually two Gallifreyans left in existence, because one was exiled and stranded on Earth with no means to escape during the Great Time War. And unlike the Doctor we all know and love, he's far less altruistic. In fact, narcissistic and solipsistic.(Seems like a good idea to me! You can view the Trailer below) We will keep you updated as we get more info.

To help out go to Doctor What's Indiegogo page.

Here is Doctor What's TumblrFacebook and Youtube page.

And finally here is the Trailer:


Cosmin said...

Change the music. I don't like it. The trailer is cool, but i don't like the genre of the music.

The Code Crimson said...

Heh, seems like a lot of fun! Great job on the trailer, looking forward to seeing the film.

Jason said...

Go away you're always complaining about stuff.

Julius Hibert said...

Erm... Nope!
I dont like the trailer. I dont like the idea, I dont like the camery movement (very bad wolf)

but one thing I do like: filmmakers :).

So, good luck!

Mattytron said...

Agreed with Cosmin on this, the music just didnt feel right for some reason.