Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Doctor Who Minimalist Posters

This one is my favourite! 

Design studio Karma Orange has nine(so far) "Minimalist Posters"(I've never seen one before but I like it)

Its as though you took The Doctor, River and his baddies and had to describe them with one word, picture, or small phrase.

And that is all it really. Its worth a look(I have the the one above set as my iPhone wallpaper). Right now they only have ones for the 10th, 11th, Dalek, Cybermen, River, The Master, and a few other odds and ends.(But no Amy, Rory, Rose, etc.)

No word if more will be done, I would like to see WAY more done. To see them all and the other stuff that Karma Orange has done click Here.(Be warned though, its in french)

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