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Monday, 9 April 2012

Doctor Who Series 7 Possibly Rory Spoilers...

We have some possible very spoiler-ish spoilers about Rory in Series 7, click read more - but do so at your own risk!

Filming pictures from earlier on in the week showed Rory (Arthur Darvill) get 'zapped' back in time (almost certainly) by the Weeping Angels. The Following details come from the very reliable TimeBoy (who regularly photographs filming!)

We will apparently see an older Rory (ala Blink, Series 3).

We will also see a paradox of some sort, but this may not be connected though.

And finally, a very big spoiler! -

A funeral scene is apparently going to be filmed soon. There is no talk about who this is to be yet, however if you connect the dots all the evidence points towards it being Rory.

But - what's your thoughts?



Adam Kalontas Jędrys said...

Rory, dying? Pfft, it won't stick.

Mike Jackson said...

This could be great if they show that the Doctor could at least put Rory and Amy together so they get to live out their lives together no  matter where one or both get zapped to. BUT it does bring up an unexplained part of the Weeping Angels mythos never explained from "BLINK" which is how that whatever "potential energy" stolen from 10 & Martha not affect them zapped back to 1969? Did being time-travelers protect Martha when she left 1969 with the Doctor that she didn't die after 2007 when Sally sent the TARDIS back to them? If there is some sort of protection imparted by having traveled in the TARDIS, then shouldn't Rory be equally immune and the Doctor be able to locate and retrieve Rory and bring him back to the 'present'? Even if like in "The Girl Who Waited" old Rory were to show up in the present as old Amy did on the Apple-planet, why couldn't the Doctor undo it and prevent a paradox? Moffat has some 'splaining' to do!

theultimatetv said...

Kenny ALWAYS dies...and then he wakes!

I_can_only_speak_for_myself said...

If that funeral scene rumour is true, then I can only think that if it is Rory's, then it takes place in the present, he having lived out his life - without Amy. If he lived it alone, then Amy might decide to follow him back the past. Of course, the Doctor could bring them back to the future - perhaps the incentive for staying there is that it's the only way for them to being up Melody- Then again, there's always Jeff ... Too many ifs, mights .... aaaaargggh, what do I know!

gbzjmck said...

Rory gets zapped back to the 1930@s NYC. Mark Williams plays the current day older Rory who has grown older since then. Old Rory (Mark Williams) dies and gets buried and Rory and Amy go off into the sunset.

Lauren West said...

he is taken back in time by being touched by a weeping angel and then he dies of old age :) :'( hope this helped