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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Katy Manning confirms new Jo Grant Merchandise!

Actress Katy Manning, known for Playing Jo Jones (née Grant) has officially confirmed on Twitter that an action figure of her character is due to be released. It will apparently also come with some accessories, so the debate begins, which costume?

Well Katy Manning isn't saying which costume, however personally I would like the 'Day of the Daleks' costume, but what would you like?

Edit: I reckon Combom will want the nude manning figure because he is a sexist pig and likes Katy very much! (I think...)


Jason said...

I thought he said she looked like a zombie?

pcjonathan said...

You are correct, sir. You have permission to shoot Skaro for me.... :)

gbollard said...

They've got to release a nude on with a dalek accessory... or is that a dalek with a nude Katy Manning accessory?

Robert Cyberman said...

Nude Jo comes with Dalek-shapped hand lotion dispenser :)

TheDoctorWhoFanSite! said...

Can't we just be grateful that we're getting a Joe figure? Does it matter what costume it will be?

Harry McDowell said...

Have any pictures been released?