Friday, 27 April 2012

The Most Interesting Man In The Universe...

...Is of course The Doctor.

The site Flick Filosopher has picked on a gag trending on Twitter that has some wonderful riffs on the "Most Interesting Man In The World" advertising campaign by the company that bottles Dos Equis brand beer. In the ads a suave man has outrageous claims made about his 'coolness' and the amazing, often comic and silly things he has done. The character is never named, but claims are such things as “He can speak French... in Russian.” “He is the life of parties he has never attended.” “At museums, he’s allowed to touch the art.”

Here's one of the commercials as an example of the meme:

On Twitter the hashtag #TheMostInterestingManInTheUniverse has been coined for a similar meme concerning the Doctor. A few samples:

On a bad day he once rebooted the universe. He is #TheMostInterestingManInTheUniverse.
(from @Andrew_Michael)
The Daleks never shoot him on sight because they want to see what he'll do to them next. He is #TheMostInterestingManintheUniverse
(from @AbelUndercity)
He has a swimming pool in the libarary. He is #TheMostInterestingManInTheUniverse
(from @ItsTheDoctor)
He snogged Madame De Pompadour. In outer space. He is #TheMostInterestingManInTheUniverse
(from @sanabituranima) A few from @DoctorLongscarf:
The most fascinating conversation he ever had was with 3 other versions of himself. He is #TheMostInterestingManInTheUniverse
The Silence's feelings are hurt when he can't remember them. He is #TheMostInterestingManInTheUniverse
He once burnt out a sun just to say goodbye. He is #TheMostInterestingManInTheUniverse. Stay Temporal my friends.
Source: FlickFilospher

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