Monday, 16 April 2012

NYC Filming Pictures Roundup

Arthur with his iPhone and a clothes peg, which he likes to pin on cast members.

American fans might chuckle that the Detroit Lions with the 2018 Super Bowl, but there was a time the New Orleans Saints seemed just as unlikely underdogs to do so as well!


Something very, very not good must have happened...

Who is Melody Malone?

Running for whose life?

So whose glasses are they?

It's all fun & games until the sonic comes out

Amy checks the weather report. Really.

Matt looking very Harold Lloyd

A second day's night of filming

Mad man with a car

Looks like there's a trip to NYC circa 1936 if the license plate is any indication

Matt waves to his American fans who came out to watch
Karen wraps night filming


Gene Fender said...

That's an iPhone in a cassette-shaped case.

Bev Brown said...

i think the next series is going to be cool