Friday, 20 April 2012

Possible Spoilers: More Llanelli filming pictures

More pictures, most a bit blurry due to the distance or cameras they were shot with have cropped up across the web of the filming at Box Cemetery in Llanelli on Thursday April 19th.

Possibly these are spoilers so read on if you dare. You've been warned!

Alex Kingston as River Song appears to be in the same costume from "Time of the Angels" from season 5 as reported by some who observed filming.
Alex during filming where a green-screen was temporarily erected near the filming. Not sure if was for an actual special effect to be added later or merely used as an improvised shield to hide part of the filming from onlookers and fans.
Another angle showing more of the green-screen
A closer view of the TARDIS which some reported was either briefly on fire accounting for it's scorched grey mottling or turning to stone. Or perhaps both or neither... There are some reports of smoke coming from outside and/or inside the TARDIS prop.

Many eyewitness reports are that Amy runs out of the TARDIS toward this weeping angel with the Doctor and River in pursuit urging her to stop. Conjecture is that Amy is inviting the angel to touch her and send her backward in time to where Rory is trapped in the past.
Reportedly, the figure nearing the TARDIS is Arthur Darvill, though if Rory appears in the scenes filmed is unclear.
Matt and Karen
Another view of the TARDIS in the cemetery!/melonimayhem!/melonimayhem!/melonimayhem

Picture credits: Liam Rees/, luca mark meloni, JNTSuxx


Andrew Davies-Land said...

yay river song ^^ 

Bev Brown said...

its nice to see her again