Thursday, 19 April 2012

Recording the DVD Commentaries

SFX has a great story on John Kelly, Matthew Kingsland and Toby Hadoke who have been producing the classic Doctor Who DVD commentaries since the second range of DVD releases began.
Matthew Kingsland and John Kelly

Hadoke with Timothy Combe & Carol Ann Ford recording "Reign of Terror"
As the guest casts of those era of Who series are in many cases getting into their 80s and indeed some have passed away it is in a way a race against time to record those casts and guest actors reminiscences and insights before they too are gone.

Toby Hadoke with the cast and crew of “The Krotons”.
Fleshing out the rest of the DVD commentaries team are DVD branch boss Dan Hall, Richard Bignell, Andrew Pixley with apparently self-described Doctor Who "trivia-heads" Ben Jolly and Simon Harries to help fill in gaps in the cast and crew memories when needed.

Worth a read at SFX's site
Photographs by Simon Harries

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