Monday, 9 April 2012

Step Back in Time: TARDIS Coral

The TARDIS has always been a main part of Doctor Who however most things about the TARDIS has remained secret to its faithful viewers. In this series of 'Step Back in Time' we will look at several things like this, starting with TARDIS Coral.

There has been several references to TARDIS Coral within the new series of Doctor Who (with it not being named) in this small post we will talk about where and what it was shown for.

Torchwood Series 1 - Various Episodes

TARDIS coral has been seen several times during Series 1 of Torchwood, it was seen on Jack's Desk and apparently would only had 50 years left until it became a fully grown TARDIS, However it is unknown if it survived both blasts at the Torchwood Hub

It was approximately the size of a desktop lamp and it was of unknown origin
(assuming the Doctor gave it to Jack in the past).

Doctor Who Series 1-3 Various Episodes

This is another minor it of TARDIS Coral which had grown itself onto the device known tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator, it began to form after it had integrated with the TARDIS console for over 2 years.

Doctor Who Series 4 - Journeys End

And finally...Here is a deleted scene from the series 4 boxset where we find out that Rose and the (other-)Doctor got their way little gift from the Doctor after all... A piece of TARDIS coral!

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