Sunday, 8 April 2012

Tennant Tempest in a Time Machine

The BBC's legal department appears to be very angry over a more or less completely harmless ad featuring David Tennant shilling for Virgin Media's TiVO feature because the ad makes reference to Doctor Who and they failed to ask permission from the BBC to do so. The problem the BBC lawyers can't seem to wrap their minds around is that whenever Doctor Who fans see David Tennant will always see him as the Doctor, that a mention of the series, that that association will always be a positive one for the series and therefore for the BBC. The commercial is funny and clearly done with a nothing but goodwill for the series. Branson's comic turn in his 'time machine' in the background is nothing but funny. A tempest in a teapot if you ask me. Check it out and you decide.


Alli Price said...

Doctor Who isn't even mentioned!! It briefly shows up on the menu WITH the BBC logo. The thingy in background looks more like something from "The Fly" and is only labelled as "Time Travel"
Do BBC not realise that fans LOATHE them for being this way??? *unfuriated*

Ann Rtist said...

You are correct.  Once a Doctor, always a doctor, and there is nothing he can do that he won't be described or thought of as a former "Doctor".  The BBC doesn't own someone's history.  And if they are going to start lawsuits against every single reference to Doctor Who on every television in the world, they've got a big job ahead of them.  Ridiculous move.

Andrew Davies-Land said...

its a load of bollocks f you ask me, just proves the kind of money hungry goblins you have running the BBC, as Alli said Doctor Who is not even mentioned in name, the logo just briefly appears on screen. 

Their argument is completely unjust, Their advertising their system there really is no cash in at all on Doctor Who..