Monday, 14 May 2012

Doctor Who Alum At KAPOW! Comic Con Next Sunday

The Kapow! Comic Convention organizers have revealed that next weekend's Sunday May 20th  TV Panel will include Doctor Who writer Tom MacRae ("Rise of the Cybermen"/"Age of Steel", "The Girl Who Waited", actor Russell Tovey (Midshipman Frame in "Voyage of the Damned", "The End of Time" as well as Being Human & Sherlock).

Tom MacRae
Russell Tovey

Also appearing will be Adam Garcia (Threesome, House), actress and comedy writer Lucy Brown (Primeval) and comedian Tom Allen.

KAPOW! Comic Convention Official Site

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Graeme Robertson said...

Hmm, if Adam Garcia is there then that's another Who alumni. He was the character whose ear the Doctor whispered THOSE words into in "The Christmas Invasion"